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What colors does for the eyes…Literature does for the mind. Reading is an act of giving pleasure to your mind. Reading helps you create imagination in which you create possibilities which triggers ideas and leading to change hence development.

It’s truly the key to happiness as while reading you channelize your energy in one direction which keeps negative thoughts away. It keeps your mind engaged hence it doesn’t involve in spurious activities. The content of read can truly alter your mood hence I personally suggest content which help uplift your personality.

Struggles and sorrows walk together but with patience you realize that once that phase goes by these struggles turn into pride. Struggle is the price one pays to earn self respect. And self-respect is what makes life worth living.I believe there is a reason behind everything and it’s with time that pieces of puzzle fall into place.

India is the Land of Myth and Mythology but how rational are they??? I started to dig  into the Hindu shastras after I faced the wrath of customs during my father’s death. I was astonished how dumb people can be who tend to follow the custom without knowing the rationality behind it.

God placed a functioning organ called “Brain” on top of the body so just by the position of it we can make out how important and powerful it is… But sadly it’s the most under used organ when it comes to logical thinking. And I was no different till the day and decide to confront the logic behind these customs some I found very scientific and some completely rubbish. Sharing my research on such customs through my blog Auspicious.

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