Gregarious, Foody and Researcher…I’m a wanderlust who is passionate about food and literature. Born in an Odia Brahmin family but have adopted no typical traits of being ritualistic but followed a bohemian path which lures me towards spirituality. Completed my graduation with Economics Honors and moved to Mumbai for my Master’s in Business Administration. I completed my MBA specializing in Human Resources and got to work with reputed companies.Now I’m back in my hometown pursuing journalism.

Learning for me is not confined to books but through life experiences. I’m voracious reader who might just sit down and read a packet made out of newspaper while relishing a samosa. Being born in a brahmin family the conversation forum among elders would involve topics like astrology, vedas, mythology and so on hence developed a keen interest in learning about religious sects and mythology not just Hindu shastras and vedas but all religions. I’m a follower of Bhagavad Gita and believe in the reasons of the almighty but also try to understand the reason as that is enlightenment for me.


Being a fan of the Creator I find fascination in his creatures and creations. And the best to show respect is to adore the beauty of nature through travelling. Travelling and exploring places is one of the most blissful part of life. My love for visiting places is out of respect for the creator. Every time I visit a lake, waterfall or beach my heart gets overwhelmed. We spend so much on expensive digital gadgets not realizing that absolute pleasures of life is  free of cost. On a work off I would prefer going the local super market or Haat  over any shopping mall. The variety of fruits and vegetables with different colors and taste always leaves me excited and also feeling grateful that nature provided so much for nourishment.  Since human life is such that we can’t always pack our bags and leave to fulfill the adventure craving so I started to work around it through kitchen.


I started cooking at the age of 7 to accompany my mother and give her a helping hand but later on felt in love with this art. With age and various culinary shows on air my passion for cooking and experiments with spices increased. Cooking for me is a form of meditation which is rewarded with mouth watering dishes. It’s the ability to create something from mix of ingredients to add a smile on my loved one’s face is what really gives me the pleasure of cooking.  Also the thought that I may not be at a particular place but with the right ingredients I can create that ambiance in my kitchen really motivates me to experiment more.


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