Jajpur  is popularly known as Biraja Khetra, which translates as “the place sacred to Goddess Biraja”, and is located on the banks of the Baitarani River. It was the capital of Odisha during the Kesari dynasty, later supplanted by Cuttack. Now, it is the headquarters of Jajpur district.

In Odisha there are five different Kshetras or religious centers celebrated for five gods or Pancha Dev.


  1. Devata Vinayaka or Ganesh kshetra at Mahavinayak hills in the district ofJajpur,
  2. Vishnu or Sankha(the attributes in the hands of Lord Vishnu) Kshetra at Puri,
  3. Shiva or Ekamra Kshetra at Bhubaneswar,
  4. Durga or Biraja Kshetra at Jajpur or Yajanapur.
  5. Surya (Sun) or Arka Kshetra at Konark.

This itinerary includes the following:

  1. Biraja Temple in Jajpur
  2. Navi Gaya
  3. Museum
  4. Saptam Matruka Temple
  5. River Baitarini
  6. Jagannath Temple
  7.  Akhandalamani Temple

The way to Jajpur to take the route via cuttack so you have multiple breakfast option on route like the Kalia Dahibara who would serve a delicious platter which doesn’t include onion and garlic ideal breakfast since you are visiting temples.

On arriving at Birija temple, first thing you need to do is book your meal as there is limited lunch(prasad) prepared here. And since there are a lot of things to cover inside the temple premises like Shrine of the goddess, Navi gaya, other gods and goddess temples inside the premises, 108 shiv lingas and a museum.

Post lunch head for Saptam Matruka temple and Jagannath Temple which locate near the Baitarini river. If you still have the zeal to travel like we did, travel to Akhandalamani Temple which lies in the same route. 


On your way back you can relish tasty snacks and tea at Chandikhol chhak.


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A Day At Biraja Khetra In Jajpur District Of Odisha
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