‘Jairagada’ is the first of all Odia wedding rituals, in which dried rice cookies or badi is prepared. These rice cookies are later used in the wedding. It is post this ritual that wedding invitations or cards are sent out.

First invitation is sent to Lord Jagannath in Puri known as “Dev Nimantran” followed by invitation sent to Mamu or Maternal Uncle known as ” Maula Nimantran” then “Juin Nimamtran” or invitation to the Son-In-Law of the family. And then to everyone else follows.

This ritual is carried out by married women of the family which means a lot of women gather at one place creating a hell lot of chaos… and that’s exactly what happened today… Thought of 24th September 2017 would always give me goose bumps because this day made me realize what weddings are all about…

A ritual which didn’t even take 10 mins to complete required a preparation of 10 days which you can see in the video.


Being the first traditional odia wedding in my family my mother was not aware what all things will be required for the ritual.

First she spoke to our ‘Kul Purohit’ or Family priest to know the auspicious date and time for the ceremony. Later she contacted other women in my extended family who have wed daughters to know of the things needed.

Food being the most important aspect of every Hindu ritual we decided to take care of that as priority. Secondly we selected the wedding card and shopped for things needed for the ritual.

This ritual takes place at the bride’s home which means rearranging the home to accommodate all the guests. To give a homely touched apart from catering food I decided to make a ” Thandai” or welcome drink for my family members to deal with the humid climate here.

All the laughter, smile and non stop chit chat makes all the efforts worth it… One thing that every ritual intends to do is to bring the family together. They are the one you have grown up watching and shared your childhood with.

Jairagada ritual is more or less the same in every family but may differ depending upon your village. My rituals were based on norms followed in Jajpur(where my ancestors hail from). I did shop for more than what was needed as similar things would be needed on the wedding date.

Things needed for Jairagada:

  • 1kg Mooga dali (Moong)
  • 1 kg white lentils or Biri
  • 1 kg haldi (whole/ pieces)
  • 1 kg betelnut (gua/supari)
  • Dhuba grass
  • Barakoli patra
  • Branch of Mango tree with 7 seven leaves
  • Paida (Tender coconut) for kalasa
  • 10 coconut or Nadia
  • Red puja cloth of Salu kana
  • 10 Betel leaves (Paan leaves)
  • Mat (Sapa)
  • Steel kajal case/ Kajalapati
  • Marigold flower garland
  • Wedding card
  • 21 Kaudi
  • Sweet packets for guests

Contents of Sweet Packet:

  • 2 Laddoos
  • 2 Nimiki (Namkeen)
  • 1 Khaja
  • 1 Arisa

Lunch Menu:

Peas Pulao
Daal Tadka
Chicken Kassa





Fish In Mustard and Curd Gravy
Green Peas, Cauliflower and Paneer Curry
Ambula Rai
Potala Rassa/Curry
Guda/ Jagerry Kheer















Work done:

  1. Find out the auspicious date for this ritual from Kul Purohit of family Priest
  2. Invite family members
  3. Confirmed Caterer
  4. Selection and printing of wedding card
  5. Shop for Puja
  6. Invite Barikani (a woman from the barber caste who would apply alta on feet)
  7. Arrange the home decor

Family Members Who Were A Part Of This Ceremony:

  1. Budhi Mausi, Pintu Bhaina, Manu Bhauja and Ong
  2. Mamu, Maen, Nandi, Mamani and Manu
  3. Renu Mausi
  4. Nima Mausi, Ilu and Little
  5. Kanan Dethei and Dadei
  6. Kakei, Khudi, Guddi
  7. Maninani, Aninani and Pisa
  8. Kuni Mausi, Tapan Mausa and Pupu
  9. Roji Maen, Vaishnavi
  10. Mitu Mamu and Ishan
  11. Rani Nani and Pisa
  12. Gulu Mausi, Mausa and Jhuma
  13. Julie Bhauja


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Jairagada: The Beginning of Odia Wedding Proceedings

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