We all are aware tSOCIAL MEDIAhat social media is one of the most powerful forums in the digital world. The misuse of this power has led to devasting results. The recent communal riots in Bhadrak district of Odisha is one of the best examples of it.

Not just communal riots but instances of defaming someone, sexual assaults, fraudulent activities, fake relationships and many such cases always tend to make headlines everyday.

One of the major concerns is the negative impact on the youth which is getting a forum filled with explicit information about sexual and fraudulent cyber crimes.

The best way to stop this social media menace is to link the Aadhar number/ Social Security number to each social media account.

Some of the benefits of doing that are:

  1. Authentic Profile: Since every individual has one social security/aadhar number we would know the credibility of the person. This with rule out the possibility of fake accounts and multiple accounts by users.
  2. Age Would be a Bar: As Social security number and Aadhar number are issued to individuals of a certain age we would know that no minors are misusing the social media and neither are the negative impacts of social media impacting them.
  3. Cyber responsibility: People would be more responsible before posting anything on social media as they would be held accountable for it. Derogatory comments and personal bashing using fake accounts would stop.

These three-pointers are enough for governments to link social security/ aadhar numbers to social media accounts.

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Know The Obvious ‘Solution’ To Social Media Menace
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