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  What colors does for the eyes…Literature does for the mind. Reading is an act of giving pleasure to your mind. Reading helps you create imagination in which you create possibilities which triggers ideas and leading to change hence development.

nijhum tripathy

Palate Pleasures

Food for me is a form of platonic communication. You don’t need words or expression. Just a morsel on a plate can say much more than words can express. Though saying goes that one must eat to live and not

Nijhum Tripathy

Travel Inspirations

  Travelling is an experience which needs to be felt… to love Nature is to Love God… It’s the best form of meditation as it soothes your eyes and refreshes your mind. For me Vacation is to Vacant your mind

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    Cheesy Noodles

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  • Durga Puja in Odisha

    Durga Puja in Odisha

      Durga Puja is the most grandeur event in Odisha which include artistic pandals decorated with Gold and Silver to add glamour to the festival. The best way to pay an artist is by appreciating his art and Shiva hasRead More »
  • Ginger Mint Tea

    Ginger Mint Tea

          Ginger Mint Tea This is amazing beverage for summer mornings. Mint has a cooling effect which complements the spicy ginger to give a refreshing aroma.     Ingredients: 2 Cups of milk 2 tsp sugar 1 tspRead More »

Showcase of my vision

In this fast life...just want to remind people to start living...

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